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Scandinavian Minimalist Glass Chandelier

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At its core, this Scandinavian Minimalist Glass Chandelier boasts an all-copper construction, providing not only durability but also a warm and inviting ambiance. The copper finish exudes a charming rustic appeal while seamlessly integrating into various interior design themes. Its minimalist design ensures that it remains a versatile and unobtrusive centerpiece, allowing it to effortlessly harmonize with existing decor.

In the bedroom, it becomes an enchanting focal point, infusing the space with gentle luminosity conducive to relaxation. Placed in the living room, it exudes an air of sophistication while bringing people together in its captivating glow. 

The Scandinavian Minimalist Glass Chandelier offers a perfect blend of functionality, elegance, and personalization. Embrace the essence of Scandinavian minimalism and bring this breathtaking lighting masterpiece into your life, transforming any room into a haven of charm and serenity.

  • Sleek Scandinavian Design

    Thickened suction top disk

  • A Glowing Masterpiece for All Occasions

    Uniting Style and Functionality

Product Features

  • Sleek Scandinavian Design: Embrace the timeless allure of Scandinavian minimalism with this all-copper LED glass chandelier. Its sleek and clean lines exude elegance, making it a perfect fit for any modern or contemporary space.
  • Versatile Placement Options: This chandelier is designed to enhance various settings, whether it's in a restaurant, bar, bedroom, living room, or even as a bedside lamp. Its adaptability ensures a seamless integration into different environments.
  • Personalized for Your Style: Stand out from the crowd with our personalized lamps. Choose the ideal size, shape, and intensity of the LED lighting to match your unique taste and create a customized lighting experience.
  • Warm and Inviting Ambiance: The LED technology not only ensures energy efficiency and durability but also casts a warm and inviting glow. The soft, diffused light creates a cozy atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and gatherings with friends and family.


  • Materials: Glass stone & Copper
  • Power Source: AC
  • Voltage: 110V/220V + 90-260V
  • Light Color: Dimmable 3000k~6000k (LED bulbs included)
  • Color: Cognac,Smoke grey